VIPDFW on The Business Spotlight Requirements and Expectations

13 Jul, 2014 Posted by VIPDFW on The Business Spotlight Requirements and Expectations by Valerie Riefenstahl. is a group of well known, seasoned trusted advisors to business owners. We bring our shared knowledge to the assistance of company owners that seek assistance in achieving their personal and professional goals.

We are most often asked to work with our owner clients to achieve these goals:

Clear, strategic plan
Operational improvements for growth and profitability
Right people in the right seats
Financial performance and management
Improvement of sales process and channel management
Product, service, market and pricing
Marketing plan development
Customer service and communications inside/outside the company
Risk management-insurance, legal, intellectual property, IT
Corporate structure, ownership and legal
Improvement in family business dynamics
Getting work and personal life in balance
Preparing the exit plan for maximum gain
Accountability to ensure achievement of these goals

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