Tax Talk with Jeff Pickering CPA

2 Feb, 2014 Posted by

Plano CPA on Taxes 2014 and Beyond.  Jeff Pickering CPA with a Masters in Taxation will be talking about tax strategies for 2014 and the next few years.  Jeff says that these next few years may look a lot like the Clinton tax years where people try all kinds of tax schemes that may backfire on them like they did to many  in the years after Bill Clinton left office.   Some of you may remember the leveraged tax shelters that fell like a deck of cards.  Creating a massive tax debt for those that were invested in them.  Tax strategy is something Jeff Pickering is known for.  Jeff has been in the media for a several years now with previous shows on KLIF in DFW and on TV with Patrick Dougher on The Business Spotlight in 2013.  visit his website at

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