Five Buckets for a Balanced Life

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Whether you are an employer who is spending way too much time on your business – and neglecting your family; the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who wants to see your employees become more productive; or an employee who is simply trying to do the best job you can – but outside influences prevent you from giving it your all, creating balance in your life is important in order to be successful.

Wendy Kaufman, CEO and Founder of Balancing Life’s Issues has amassed over three decades of research to put fine-tune her trademarked program titled, “The Five-Bucket System.” She believes that “We now know what a balanced person looks like.” She recently shared some of her secrets with Pat Dougher, host of The Business Spotlight.

The Five Buckets:

1. Humans need socialization. Everyone needs to have some kind of family, and friends.
2. We need intellectual stimulation – whether be from work, art, puzzles, sports, etc.
3. We need to be healthy – in mind and body
4. We have to take care of our money, because at the end of the day we worry a lot about finances.
5. Community or spirituality – through religion, community service, or philanthropy – people are basically good, and care about the people around them.

What Wendy and her staff of over 1,000 trainers have found is that these five basic human needs must be in balance in order for a person to be happy and successful. One missing part of this link can cause chaos in their life, and often the lives around them.

Fortunately, more and more businesses are realizing that when their employees are happy and healthy, their businesses thrive. There is a lower rate of employee turnover; a happier environment in which to work; and a rise in productivity, with less error and safety issues.

Wendy, through Balancing Life’s Issues, puts her team together to specifically match the needs of her clients. The team then builds a relationship with the client and conducts training sessions through a number of different ways – on-site, by phone, webinars, podcasts, as keynote speakers, etc. It is all up to the client and their wishes.

Areas of training all fall under the five buckets of balance – leadership training for executives; health and wellness fairs; parenting workshops; work-life seminars; and more. Again, it all depends on the wants and needs of the clients. Each session is unique, just as each client is unique. The plan of action is not a cookie-cutter approach. They have conducted seminars in parks on picnic tables, and held radio shows where the employees can ask questions and get answers. “There are no limits to the imagination,” Wendy says, and they are always open to new ideas and topics.

For more information on Wendy Kaufman and “Building Life’s Issues,” go to You can also see vignettes of Patrick Dougher’s interview with Wendy on YouTube:

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