Creating Balance in Life Through Training Programs

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Most employers care about the health and happiness of their employees. They realize that a happy home life will transcend into a happy work life, and vice versa. The healthier the employee and their families are, the more balanced their lives are, the better the employee is able to give value to all aspects of their life. With this in mind, Wendy Kaufman, CEO and founder of Balancing Life’s Issues, has built her business on developing a balanced life regiment, and team of experts, who train individuals and corporations through executive training, work life seminars, health and wellness seminars, parenting workshops, and more.

In an interview with Patrick Dougher, host of The Business Spotlight, Wendy spoke of how her life experiences – being a stay-at-home mother of five who worked part time and eventually divorced, impacted and showed her the value of being able to balance a healthy personal and professional life.

Parents often worry that they are not doing things right, or not doing enough, in order for their children to grow up healthy, wealthy and wise. Being able to handle all things life throws at you requires balancing all aspects of our lives. Sometimes it requires a different mindset, and learning new techniques, in order for that to happen. For this reason, “Balancing Life’s Issues” was created.

Wendy Kaufman was fortunate enough to have the foresight 30 years, when working toward her degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, to see that being able to balance all aspects of your life was the key to success. So much so that she even wrote her thesis on “dual career relationships.” She realized that in order for a person to be a success they need to be able to handle all that life hands them, and deal with it in such a way that no area gets neglected.

More and more corporations are realizing that, in order to retain valued employees they need to allow them to stay connected in all parts of their lives – parenting, family, romance, health and work. In order to do that, many companies have reached outside their corporations for balanced life trainers. This is where Wendy’s company comes in.

With over 1,000 trainers throughout the country, Balancing Life’s Issues sends out teams of trainers specifically chosen to match each client’s individual needs. Their services can range from leadership training for executives to keynote speakers, seminars, and workshops. They also offer elearning webinars and workshops.

Trainers are hired, not solely on their educational background, but their ability to relate to others. According to Wendy, they must have some personal experience that allows them to empathize with their clients, they must be “hyper-engaged”, have charisma, and what Wendy calls “edutaining” – having the ability to get their point across and educate as well as engage.

Trainers for Balancing Life’s Issues become part of the “family.” They are together for each other through all aspects of their lives – weddings, graduations, children growing up, grief, etc. – all the processes that effect on their lives. They carry this family relationship over to their clients, who pass it along to their employees. “It’s a relationship. It’s a place for employees to say, “I’m worried about this. Can you help me?” Wendy says. “We can work through their employee assistance program, we can work through their work-life provider, or we can work directly with the client – whatever the client’s wants.”

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