Balance Can Transform Your Life

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Balance Can Transform Your Life

One of the most popular courses at Harvard University is about happiness. That may seem strange for any Ivy-League School, but there is a good reason. Studies have shown that a happier person has been able to maintain a rich life by balancing life’s issues between home, work and health.

Wendy Kaufman, CEO and founder of Balancing Life’s Issues, has built a successful business, and developed over 1,000 trainers across the United States, on teaching people how to connect and bring balance into all aspects of their lives. They provide service on an unlimited amount of topics, each individually geared toward the client’s needs, and through a variety of venues – keynote speakers, workshops, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and even question and answer radio shows.

In an interview with Patrick Dougher, host of The Business Spotlight, Wendy told of her recent trip to China, and how amazed she was “at how astute they were in the philosophies of positive psychology and happiness.” She added that there is a country, way up in the Himalayan Mountains, called Bhutan, which is governed on happiness. “We are really playing catch-up in this country, and there are organizations that we’ve partnered with to make sure that we’re teaching our kids to be happy. What’s more important than that?” she says.

Wendy fortunately had the foresight to discover early in her life, while working toward her degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (she actually wrote her thesis on “dual career relationships”), that balancing your life can be carried over into the business world.

After experiencing some adversity in her personal life – working part time and being a stay-at-home mother of five who eventually divorced, she was able to take her life experiences, coupled with her education, and form Balancing Life’s Issues. The company now trains individuals and corporate staff on how to enrich and fulfill their lives by bringing all parts into balance. They address issues like parenting, aging parents, job stress, balancing work and home, and even leadership skills.

Wendy and her team, through 30 years of extensive experience and research, have developed a system called, “Five Buckets for Balance,” that she says fill all the human necessities for maintaining a balanced life – socialization, family and friends; intellectual stimulation, through work, sports, puzzles, art, etc.; health of the mind and body; finances; religion and community. When each of these areas of life are in tune, a person is better able to handle all that life has to throw at them – both the ups and the downs, and still be able to function and live a happy and healthy life.

More and more companies, even large Fortune 500 corporations, are realizing that the ability to maintain a positive connection between all areas of their lives will help their employees become better at their jobs, and that will benefit the company. A happy home transcends to a happy worker, which transcends to a happy work environment. It increases productivity, causes fewer safety issues, encourages mental stimulation and new ideas, and leads to a reduction in employee turnover (a very expensive part of doing business).

Each client is coupled with trainers selected according to the needs of the client. Each trainer has been hired because of their ability to communicate, educate, and bring their personal experience and empathy to their job. This is a winning combination for the client – and for Wendy’s company as well.

For more information on Wendy Kaufman and Building Life’s Issues, go to You can also see vignettes of Patrick Dougher’s interview with Wendy on YouTube:

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